Monday, October 19, 2015

Seminar Challenges

Das Seminar sieht die Erarbeitung und Umsetzung von möglichen Lösungsszenarien in kleinen Gruppen vor. Folgende Themengebiete können bearbeitet werden:

1. Sound2Triple - Convert audio features to RDF
  • Detect different kinds of audible events (silence, speech, music, changes in dynamics ...)
  • Create a RDF annotation using the Open Annotation Model
  • Visualize the annotation, if possible in real-time
2. DBpedia - Mining Implicit Knowledge from DBpedia Categories
  • Learn relationships from DBpedia properties and categories
  • Extract implicit facts for category members
  • Find inconsistencies, e.g. 1845_births ⇔ dbo:birthDate “1890-12-24”
3. Temporal information extraction
  • Temporal information extraction from Wikipedia articles
  • Infer new temporal knowledge from existing temporal information
  • Classification of extracted events
4. Important knowledge coverage in the LOD cloud
  • Evaluate coverage of important facts in DBpedia
  • Complement missing information with interlinked datasets
  • Propose new RDF triples for facts that were not fully found
  • Compare coverage of LOD to traditional knowledge bases
Solltet ihr Fragen zu den Themen haben, schreibt uns einfach eine Mail.

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